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We have selected a vast wine list from the various wine regions of Portugal. Portugal has a great and lavish history of wine making dating back to the 1300s. Portuguese wines are well known for the complexity, deep flavors, and balanced smoothness. Despite being small in size Portugal ranks 3rd in the world in wine production.

Red Wines
 Quinta Do Crasto (2005 Old Vines) ~Portugal~
Wine Spectator Magazine voted this wine #3 Best Wines of 2008. A complex
wine with great intensity and richly textured palate. Well balanced by firm
tanic structure, it shows a long finish. A lively piece of Heaven! 
Barca Velha (Reserva) 1995 / 1999 ~Portugal~
This may be Portugal's best wine and is difficult to find. It is only made in
select years when these special grapes are at their finest. It is a deep, heavy
tasting wine with a long palate sensation.
Quinta Vale D. Maria (Douro) ~Portugal~
Ripe, rich red wine that features dark cherry and plum compote flavors,
accented by light pepper notes. Creamy finish.
Quinta do Vale Meao 2005 (Douro) ~Portugal~
Wine Spectator Magazine voted this wine one the 100 Best Wines of 2007
and 2008. Same characteristics as the unbelivable Barca Velha from the
Douro region.
Esporao 2005 / 2007 (Garrafeira) ~Portugal~
A rich, elegant wine showing power and finesse. Aged for18 months in
specially made marble that is designed for small and focused productions
of wine. Truly one of our finest wines.
Dona Maria Amantis (Reserva) 2014 (Alentejo) ~Portugal~
Rich, spicy, complex mix of ripe raspberries and blackberries. Very elegant
with silky tannins and a very long finish.
Quinta Do Coa (Douro) ~Portugal~
Organic grapes from one of the oldest estates in the Upper Douro. Aromas
with notes of berries and spices. A long, elegant finish with hints of licorice.
Meandro ~Portugal~
Perfectly balanced, dark and full bodied. Fig cassis, cedar loam, leather and
red currant with a hint of spice. Dusty tannis and a long finish.
Herdade dos Machados (Reserva) ~Portugal~
A bold, powerful wine, showing smooth, mature black fruti flavors
Esporao (Reserva) ~Portugal~
A full bodied red that is rich and complex. Flavor is deep in ripe fruit,
with oak integration and robust tannins. A very long finish. Soft, solid
and powerfully built.
Beyra (Reserva) (Beira-interior) ~Portugal~
Fruity aroma with berries, spices, subtle notes of vanilla and toast.
Fruity and persistant with fresh elegant aftertaste.
Castelo D'Alba (Reserva) (Douro) ~Portugal~
Sweet and full on the palate with very soft, polished tannins and
a long , warm finish. Mature touches of a great Douro wine with
a modern and international profile. 
Ruelas (Reserva) (Lisbon) ~Portugal~
Red fruit aromas with a soft, round taste. Balanced acidity and
ripe, elegant tannins.
Montaria (Reserva) (Alentejo) ~Portugal~
A full bodied, well balanced palate with wood berry, black chocolate
and eucalyptus aromas. Long and complex finish.
Ruffino Aziano (Chianti Classic) ~Italy~
Produced by the great Ruffino family. Nice balance between 
fruit and oak creates a medium-bodied wine.
Castelo Do Sulco (Reserva) (Lisbon) ~Portugal~
A complex, smooth wine with intense aromas of red fruit compote
and spicy hints. Full bodied yet is soft and smooth on the palate.
Santa Alba (Reserva) (Cabernet Sauvignon) ~Chile~
Fresh and rounded on the palate with firm tannins that combine
well with the long toast finish. Matches well with red meats.
Santa Alba (Reserva) (Merlot) ~Portugal~
Flavors of plum and berry come with dried spice notes and raw
oak, while the finish is spicy, dry and mildly herbal. 
Porta 6 (Lisboa) ~Portugal~
Soft, ripe, fruity wine with just enough power to be gentle.
Hayes Valley (Cabernet Sauvignon) ~California, USA~
The best of California's Central Coast applications. Its cool, foggy
nights and warm, sunny days provide the ideal climate for growing grapes.
Pereino Estates Six Clones Merlot ~California, USA~
A superior blend utilizing grapes grown with sustainable farming
practices for over 100 years.
Quinta Do Sobral ~Portugal~
A blend of Tinta Roriz (red grapes). A popular blend with red berry aromas
along with a hint of sweet spice.
Juan Gregorio Bazan (Reserva) (Malbec) ~Argentina~
The king of red wines in Argentina. Provides a rich cherry, cassis and
plum aroma with hints of mocha, vanilla and coffee. Superb balance
with a nice finish.
Cabeca De Burro ~Portugal~
Full bodied, rich and complex with a deep ripe fruit taste. Great with our
Azorean or Toureiro steak.
Toscolo (Classico Chianti) ~Italy~
Fresh and velvety smooth palate that includes bitter cherry and plum flavor.
Adro De Sa (Reserva) (Dao) ~Portugal~
Rich with a bouquet of fully ripened red fruits matching
well with traces of cinnamon and other spices. Velvety with
a persistent, intense taste sensation.
Borba (Alentejo) ~Portugal~
Perfect balance of fruits. Very elegant.
Palestra ~Portugal~
Made from Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz and Tinta Barroca. This wine's
smoothness, structure and harmony match well with every day meals.
Berco Do Infante (Reserva) ~Portugal~
Very good color and pleasant aroma. Fruity and smooth.
Quinta Do Enconto (Bairrada) ~Portugal~
Ripe and juicy cherry flavor with a rich heart of blackberry.
Complex and well-structured with a long finish.
Monte Velho ~Portugal~
Complex with ripe fruit and oak flavors providing a smooth finish.

White Wines 
Esporao (Reserva) (Alentejo) ~Portugal~
Deeply fruity with notes of peach and grapefruit. Reveals to be creamy and complete.
Bread and Butter Chardonnay ~California, USA~
Butter, vanilla, oak and citrus with delicate notes of melon, lemon peel and jasmine.
Via Latina Alvarinho ~Portugal~
Light and delicate floral nose with melon and peach.
Borba (Alentejo) ~Portugal~
A ripe and soft blend of Portuguese grapes. A smooth, creamy textured wine.
Duas Castas (Garrafeira) ~Portugal~
Blended wine that joins the elegance of Gouveio and Verdelho grapes. Sweet and refreshing.
Verdelho ~Portugal~
This single variety wine captures the essence of the Verdelho grape.
The 2011 harvest was a case of "adventure with a happy ending".
Pavao (Vinho Verde) ~Portugal~
Unique style of wine with low alcohol and high, fresh acidity with a prickle of fizz.

Sparkling Wines 
Tesouro Da Se (Espumante) ~Portugal~
With fine bubbles its taste is highly refined and persistant.
Slightly lemon, very delicate and flowery fragrance.
Rio Bravo (Moscato Espumante ~Brazil~
Fresh, sweet and sparkling.
Piper Sonoma Brut (Champagne) ~California, USA~
60% chardonnay, 15% pinot noir and 25% pinot meunier.
Sparkling wine is dry and fresh with a long elegant finish.
Martini Rossi (Prosecco) ~Italy~
Sparkling champagne. The Glera grape ripened in an ideal climate that
reaches of bottle with a stimulating fragrance of apple, fruits and thyme.

House Wines by the Glass

Red Wines

House Red
Cabernet Sauvignon
Pinot Noir
Red Sangria
Portuguese Best Selling Red
Portuguese Premium Red

White Wines

House White
Sauvignon Blanc
Pinot Grigio
Vinho Verde
White Sangria
Premium Chardonnay
Portuguese Best Selling White
Portuguese Premium White