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Function Room Terms and Conditions


  1. The entire payment will be due on the day of the event.
  2. A thirty (30) day notice is required for cancellations.
  3. The function room can accomodate a maximum of 36 guests (40 including 4 bar stools).
  4. All functions will be charged at a minimum of 30 adult guests. If fewer guests attend, the final invoice will be based on the 30 adult guest cost. *Please note this rule is applicable only to functions booked on a Friday as the function space is not available to rent on a Saturday.
  5. A guaranteed confirmation of the guest count is required no less than three (3) business days prior to the event. Once given, this guaranteed number cannot be reduced.
  6. The final invoice will include all menu selections and additions, beverages, tax and 18% gratuity.
  7. Cash and credit cards will be accepted as payment. However, a MAXIMUM of four (4) cards may be used. The bill must be EVENLY split between those cards.
  8. All meals will be served "family style".
  9. You may choose to have a hosted bar or your guests may order individually. When guests order alcohol beverages indivdually, there with be ONE (1) check given to each table and only ONE (1) credit card (or cash) will be accepted for each table. The check will include tax and 18% gratuity.
  10. All food and beverages must be provided by the Azorean Restaurant. The ONLY exception is a celebratory food item such as a birthday cake, but only if prepared by a licensed food vendor.
  11. Management will monitor alcholic beverage consumption and reserves the right to intervene. 
  12. The Client will obtain authorization in advance from the Azorean Restaurant as to decor additons, tabletop decorations and any props brought in for the function.
  13. The Azorean Restaurant is not responsible for any items lost, left unattended or not removed after the scheduled event.
  14. The Client will provide adequate adult supervision of children and will be held responsible for acceptable behavior of the children as it relates to the Azorean Restaurant property and other guests.
  15. Parking arrangements will be determined by the Azorean Management when the contract is signed.

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Contact Information:

           Jacquie Bagaco    Event Manager    978-283-5500    jacquiebagaco@gmail.com

Manny Lapa     Executive Chef    978-283-5500 



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Function Contract 

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Function Room Terms and Conditions  

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