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Suggested Additions


Choose from a variety to create your own towers      Menu Pricing

Suggestions include: Carne Guizada, Sliders, Chicken & Jalapeno Poppers, Spicy Shrimp Skewers, Grilled Calamari, Fried Haddock with Molho Vilao, Octopus and Shrimp Kabobs, Grilled Tomatoes with Fresh Mozzarella and Basil, Roasted Artichokes with Basil and many more! (See our complete tapas  menu at www.azoreanrestaurant.com)



Choose from our menu       Menu Pricing

Suggestions include: Fried Calamari, Garlic Shrimp, Fava Beans, Cod Fish Cakes, Grilled Linguica, Chicken Wings/Hot Wings, Portuguese Style Mussels, Portuguese Octopus and many more! (See our complete appetizers menu at www.azoreanrestaurant.com) 



Portuguese Soup                                                                                    5 p.p.

Prepared with kale, potatoes, red and white kidney beans, elbow macaroni, rice and linguica   

Soup of the Day                                                                                   6 p.p.

Talk about your favorite soup with Executive Chef Manny   


Children's Meals

Choice of 2       Menu Pricing

Options include: Fish 'N Chips, Chicken Tenders with Fries, Cheese Pizza, Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Linguini or Ravioli   



Choice of 2      Menu Pricing

Options include: Chocolate Decadence Cake, Carrot Cake, Chocolate Mousse, Custard Flan, Pineapple Coconut Cake, Portuguese Sweet Rice Pudding or Balsamic Strawberries with Vanilla Ice Cream           



Choice of Soda                                                                                                      $1.50 p.p.

Coffee and Tea                                                                                                     $1.50 p.p.

Carafes of Azorean Sangria (Red or White)                                                           $22 carafe                       


It is a nice gesture to place bottles of wine on the tables. We have a vast selection for your enjoyment. 

House Wines: Red or White                                                                                  $18 bottle


Please refer to the wine list at www.azoreanrestaurant.com or discuss the many possibilities with Executive Chef, Manny Lapa or Event Manager, Jacquie Bagaco. 

You may take home your opened bottles of wine!